Learn Brazilian Cuisine

Feijoada is a black bean stew with various meats and farofa.

Carreteiro rice is a practical meal for tropeiros with rice and dried meat.

Coxinha is a savory dish filled with shredded, breaded and fried chicken.

Moqueca is a fish stew with coconut milk and palm oil.

Acarajé is a fried bean dumpling stuffed with dried shrimp.

Brazilian cuisine

Pato no tucupi is a dish from Pará with tucupi and jambu sauce.

Cheese bread is a Minas Gerais snack made with tapioca starch and cheese.

Baião de Dois is a northeastern dish of rice and string beans.

Tacacá is an Amazonian soup with tucupi, jambu and dried shrimp.

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